Vaccine Passports

The top issue in my riding and across Canada is this massive groundswell of concern over the vaccine/social credit passport. Every other thing we care about is affected by this grossly misguided health policy. This will bifurcate our society into warring tribes. Families will split. Businesses will fail. Front-line forces will lose valuable and needed skilled workers. Any one of these outcomes is tragic but the combined effect will be unimaginable. A solid solution, which respects privacy and addresses the true problem, is outlined here :

  1. Allow doctors to return to practicing personalized medicine
  2. Offer vaccines to protect the cohorts most at risk; elderly, obese and those with comorbidities (Vaccine choice, not mandates)
  3. Make the widely successful therapeutics, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, easily accessible to all
  4. Make home-based rapid test options easily available
  5. Develop an online self assessment for personal risk to determine whether or not you and your Doctor should consider a vaccine for your situation

Anyone looking at the mortality rate for those outside of the “at risk’ cohort can see that the public health policies are extremely heavy handed given the 99.8% survival rate. An approach that acknowledges the truth and protects, via optional vaccines, only those who are “at risk” allows for a greater amount of highly robust natural immunity to form in society at large, while minimizing the great risk of these leaky vaccines creating a much larger problem; the escape of mutant virus’s (that selected to bypass the spike protein). This “vaccines for all” policy with a leaky vaccine, no long term safety data, and a growing number of dead or injured from the vaccine should make every Canadian question whether or not there’s been regulatory capture of Health Canada by Big Pharma. We can build a wall of natural immunity around this scourge and have a fully functioning society. We, the citizens, must bury the vaccine passport in the graveyard of totalitarian ideas, and strive toward this solution.

Best regards,

John Randal Phipps (Randal)
Candidate-of-record, Victoria

South Vancouver Island PPC Team

Prophetic art from the late artist, David Dees

Why would vaccines without long term testing be mandatory in order for everyone to participate in society, when only certain people are at risk?