About John Randal Phipps

John Randal Phipps

I’m best summed up as a father, entrepreneur and a Protestant Christian.

Years ago, when I was an idealistic young man, I founded the first modernized pedicab company in Canada right here in Victoria. Kabuki Kabs became an iconic brand in the city and I was quite proud to serve my community positively. Thousands of youth benefitted from steady incomes and tourists loved narrated tours of our beautiful city. I often referred to my business model as “Capitalism 101.” It truly reflected the best values of our nation.

I sold the business in 2007 to pursue a career as a Financial Planner. Sadly, I witnessed firsthand how the elite classes were sticking it to the lower classes through greed and unprincipled processes. I was disgusted by the industry so by 2012 I made the move to a become an Independent Sales Agent. With my honed skill set, I am able to align my business values with successful like-minded entrepreneurs.  

My mission statement: These are decadent times which call forth brave men and women of character and conviction, to provide a bulwark against encroaching tyrannical forces which are now inside our government and major institutions whose sole aim is the erosion our freedoms and undoing the sacrifices of our forefathers. Canada, our great inheritance, is now threatened like never before and it’s ours to defend. 

Therefore I beseech fellow Canadians of all races and political leanings to suspend the petty bickering over issues the elite design to distract us and, rather, link arms in common cause to remove these tyrants from power; all of our FREEDOMS are at stake. We are the true north, strong, and free. It’s time to SAVE CANADA

Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness & Respect