John Randal Phipps – PPC – Victoria BC

“John Randal Phipps is Victoria’s champion for freedom in this federal election.”

“There is no other party in Canada, or candidate in Victoria that opposes the ‘Vax Passport’, or all the other forms of fascism that we’ve found ourselves living under.”

-Victoria resident
John Randal Phipps (left) and Rob Anderson (right) joining the freedom rally in front of the legislature in Victoria BC.

My mission statement: These are decadent times which call forth brave men and women of character and conviction, to provide a bulwark against encroaching tyrannical forces which are now inside our government and major institutions whose sole aim is the erosion our freedoms and undoing the sacrifices of our forefathers. Canada, our great inheritance, is now threatened like never before and it’s ours to defend. 

Therefore I beseech fellow Canadians of all races and political leanings to suspend the petty bickering over issues the elite design to distract us and, rather, link arms in common cause to remove these tyrants from power; all of our FREEDOMS are at stake. We are the true north, strong, and free. It’s time to SAVE CANADA

Vote PPC for an end to Medical Tyranny

• Prohibit any form of vaccine passport within Canada or any similar system of social credit intended to include or exclude any Citizen within society.

• End all forms of lockdowns on society.

• Prohibit any private or public business or government entity from discriminating against any Citizen based upon their vaccine status.

• Provide easy access to highly successful Covid therapeutics such as Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine.

• Immediately form a Royal Commission to charge and convict any person or entity found guilty of misleading the Canadian public on Covid policy.

• Call for an end to all “emergency
measures” that have trampled
upon the constitutional rights of
• Defend the fundamental
freedoms of Canadians, restricting
the definition of hate speech
within the Human Rights Act and
the criminal code, reducing
censorship and the suppression of
contrarian views.
• Fight to preserve all Charter rights
and freedoms including speech
and assembly

• Reduce taxes on small businesses and end CBC funding, business bailouts
and all other forms of corporate
• End discriminatory policies and
protect the rights and freedoms
of all Canadians regardless of
religion, race, sex, gender and
sexual orientation
• End supply management, a
government-protected system
that price gouges Canadians to
the benefit of a small dairy and
poultry cartel

• Reinstate and retroactively
apply the Pension Act, tripling
disability benefits paid to our
neglected Armed Services
members and veterans.
• Make firearms legislation
tougher on criminals and
more respectful toward legal
firearms owners; no more
arbitrary amendments made
without Parliamentary
• Replace the Indian Act with
legislation guaranteeing
increased autonomy and

• Reduce the federal
government’s size and
scope, transferring increased
responsibility and
accountability to provincial,
municipal, and Indigenous
• Cut government spending,
the budget and reduce taxes,
• Implement and prioritize
practical and effective
solutions that will minimize
pollution and the destruction
of our environment.



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A tax receipt will be issued for amounts over $20. Donations of $200 or more require your name and mailing address, as required by the Canada Elections Act. Maximum donation per individual in 2021 is $1650 CDN.

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